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Rich Zipse

Throughout his working life, Rich has moved from career into vocation. After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1993, he performed physical therapy in outpatient clinics across the country. Responding to the diverse professional development he received in his field, Rich cultivated a deep understanding of, and passion for, the effectiveness of manual therapy techniques. He was ultimately convinced of the potential to provide a higher level of care through massage therapy, and graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Tucson in 2010.

Rich’s individualized approach encourages the body’s profound ability to heal itself. When clients begin at our practice, Rich conducts a structural assessment to isolate the source of discomfort and develop a need-specific treatment plan. When administering massage therapy, Rich also incorporates physical therapy methods in harmony, to achieve a maximum level of client care. Massage therapy is a powerful source of healing, health, and rejuvenation, and our client-first mentality ensures that there is something for everyone at Tucson Orthopedic Massage.